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Find Camps Bay Vacation Rentals on FlipKey
Find Camps Bay Vacation Rentals on FlipKey
Find Camps Bay Vacation Rentals on FlipKey

Best Rate Guarantee

Terms and Conditions applicable to “Best Price Guarantee”

  1. This guarantee applies to Cape Vacation Rentals, arranged by HRCT, ranging from five days to thirty days in duration
  2. HRCT will offer a lower quote to a customer, should the customer be quoted a rate lower than HRCT’s quote by the property owner or a licensed real estate agent for the same property and dates
  3. If the customer has already paid for the booking, HRCT will refund the customer the difference up to a maximum of 10% of the total rental value or the difference in quotes, whichever is less
  4. Customer must provide a copy of a bona fide quote from a legitimate business / agent or property owner within ten days of signing of a lease provided by HRCT for holiday rental property in Cape Town. The quote must be an “Apples to Apples” comparison for the same property, same dates and also include the same terms and conditions for the rental. Advertised prices are not considered as quotes, as there can be deceptive advertisements
  5. The customer may not make a claim, after ten days have passed, after either signing of a lease or paying a deposit. The claim must be submitted within the ten day period by email to HRCT